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Weekend intensive driving courses

Weekend driving courses can help you to pass your driving test a lot sooner than taking one lesson each week.
Perfect for busy people who can't get time off work for their lessons. An intensive driving course over a few weekends might be all it takes to get you ready to pass your practical test.

A theory pass is not required to book a weekend course of lesson.

Weekend coursesNew learner drivers can learn to drive with a block of weekend courses taken over a few weeks. They are the perfect way to either boost your weekly lessons that you have taken or are taking already, especially just before your driving test. You could book a single day to see if you are suited to an intensive course of lessons.

On all intensive courses you would achieve up to 10 hours of driver quality training. over one weekend. Five hours on Saturday and five hours on Sunday (taken in 2½ hour sessions). But if you think that might be too ambitious why not try either 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. Either way you can choose your own hours. Let your imagination run wild and imagine how your driving will have advanced with just one weekend course.

If you have never driven before you could book 5 full weekends of 10 driving lessons each and that could be you ready to take your driving test. How good is that! Ready for your test in a few weeks without losing time from work or college.
Full one week intensive courses can also be booked if your prefer to shorten your driver training time down still further.
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New driver weekend driving courses

New drivers (beginners) are advised to start their driver training by having as many driving lessons as they can over a short period of time. This will help re-inforce the correct procedures for driving away fom the kerb, parking, gear changing & road procedures. A theory test pass is not required for this type of course. An intensive driving course for new drivers is not intended to get you through your test in a week. Those days have long since gone and if you see any websites out there that say any different, then treat them with suspician. You will learn to drive in a week, but you will not be ready for your driving test.
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Learner drivers with previous experience

Learner drivers with previous driving experience can sometimes book their driving test at the end of their driving course depending on what previous experience they have had and how long ago.
Your driving lessons may have been sometime ago & taken with a great driving instructor or one of the not so greats. You might be best to book a trial lesson with me before you book your driving test. A trial lesson is not required to book your course unless a driving test is required at the end of your course. Learner drivers with a good driving record of training might only need to book one of the weekend courses.
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What you need to know

Before you are able to pass a driving test you must be at a certain standard. The standard being looked at by the DSA [Driving Standards Agency] examiner is for you to drive safely, keep the car under control at all times, have a good understanding of the Highway Code [rules of the road], show confidence and have a certain amount of common sense.

Drive Safely
This means you must be able to judge the flow of traffic at a road junction, including roundabouts and not cause a problem to other road users. Courtesy and consideration to other road users is is important, but driving at 5mph in a 40mph spped limit zone could be classed as not being courtious. Full explanation and practise sessions are given on your weekend course.

Keep the car under control
This means you must not hit the kerb, must be in the correct gear at all times. When driving in a forward gear you must not roll backwards on a hill. When in a reverse gear you must not roll forwards on a hill. Full details are given on your course, together with plenty of time to get it right.

Understand the Highway Code
This means you must fully grasp the meaning of the rules of the road. Are you sure you know who has priority in every situation. When should you give way to another road user? If you are going through a green traffic light straight ahead. Do you have 'Right of Way' over a car coming through the red light? If you answered yes, you would be wrong. You may have priority over the other car, but not 'Right of Way'. "What's the difference?" You might ask. It's the difference betwee having an accident, or a road rage situation develop and staying alive. You will be taught on your weekend of lessons to understand the rules of the Highway Code, rather than blindly following them.
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