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New Independent Test Explained

DSA examiner explaining the independent testThe new driving test was introduced on the 4th October 2010 and a 10 minute section was called 'The Independent Driving Section' is a much needed inclusion to the current driving test.

The new October test will ony consist of one manoeuvre taken from any of the four manouvres being taught at the moment by driving schools. This is to give an extra 10 minutes for further road procedure driving which is completly independent of being told where to go. Here are the details:

How will the learner driver be marked

The learner driver will be marked in the same way that they are marked now regarding the mirror/signal/manoeuvre procedure. A driving test fail will not occur for taking wrong directions, providing they are legal turns. What will happen though is most candidates will:

The driving test as it is today is robotic as far as the mirrors/signal/manoeuvre procedure is concerned because when a new driver is told to turn right or left it triggers off mirrors/signal/manoeuvre, whereas left to their own device, anything can happen.
This new independent driving test is meant to simulate driving a car as you would once the test has been passed i.e there is no one around who will tell you where to go, you will have to look at signs and keep your car safe.

Providing instructors do not encourage learner drivers to remember a set route, then it could have a beneficial effect in giving confidence to a new driver. It will mean more driving lessons for the average learner and one way to reduce the cost of learning to drive would be to book an intensive driving course where the independent driving is built into the lessons without extra cost.

Watch the official new driving test video

Your practical driving test is in 4 parts

  1. Show me tell me questions
  2. Road & traffic driving
  3. 10 minutes Independent Driving
  4. 1 manoeuvre

The practical test show me tell me questions are the first part of your test. You will be asked by the examiner two questions about the vehicle checks that you should carry out on a regular basis.
In the next part of your practical test you will be asked to start your car engine and move away safely. You can be asked in this move away process to either park your car into one of the test centre parking bays [if any exisit] or parallel park alongside a car parked on the road. That then would constitute the one manoeuvre requirement.
If the test centre you are using has a car park then there are 4 possible manoeuvres that the examiner can choose one from.

  1. Bay parking
  2. Parallel parking
  3. Corner reverse
  4. Turn in the road

Driving lesson road Birmingham The independent driving section was introduced on the driving test October 4th 2010. At some point during your test you will be asked to continue driving for around 10 minutes without directions from the examiner. You may be shown a route diagram or asked to follow signs to a chosen destination, or a combination of both.
The road & traffic driving forms the largest part of your practical test, including possibly an emergency stop [1 in 3 students will be asked to carry out an emergency stop].
At the end of your test you will be told the result and asked if you would like to know your driving faults, whether you pass or fail. Your instructor is allowed to be with you on your test, or at the end to listen to the examiners comments. But it's your choice, you cannot be forced to include your instructor.
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